Miles Davis covered in blood after an altercation with police

"Altercation" sounds so polite, like it was a mutual thing and not one man getting assaulted by the police. Miles got beat up by the police.

The cops assaulted Miles because he was black. He was standing outside Birdland where he just performed and was taking a break. His name was on the marquee. They saw him escort a white female friend from the club into a taxi and then they approached him after as he was taking a smoke break. The cops told him to “move on”. Miles said he was playing at the club and was on break. They weren’t hearing any of that. One cop then punched him in the stomach, while another one cracked him on the head with a nightstick. That’s why he’s covered in blood. He was a victim of police brutality.

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ppl always ask me “”what are you going to do with your degree”“ and “"if you wanna get a PHD how do you plan on paying for it"" and ""where are you gonna move after college"" but here is the thing:

i am very powerful and cute and im gonna float through this world one day at a time. please leave me alone. 

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"She was beautiful, elegant. Like a tall clear glass filled with raw pasta."

If White Characters Were Described Like People of Colour in Literature @ Buzzfeed

Worth reading for #16 alone.

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Nina Simone photographed by Charles “Teenie” Harris, 1965

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Nahua Woman, Hueyapan Mexico.

This print by artist Ramon Valdiosera depicts a Nahua woman from Hueyapan, Puebla covered by an embroidered rebozo much like the one shown in the photo below.

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Native American Apparel launches a new tunic line and three new pieces of jewelry! -  

Photos by PytPhotography
Makeup by Lorna & Elisha Bunni

Say what???? This is cool. Native babes for the win.

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This short documentary profiles the last fluent speaker of Wukchumni, a Native American language, and her creation of a comprehensive dictionary. Marie Wilcox spent 7 years creating this dictionary which the Yokuts tribe now uses for weekly basic language classes. 

More than 130 Native American languages are endangered in the United States. For some, only a handful of fluent speakers remain. Marie’s dictionary is a tremendous victory against the countless languages eradicated from our history.

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"Stop singing
your heart out
to strange men whose lips can kiss love in multiple tongues
but tremble,
every time you ask them to spell loyalty."

Neha Ray

Letters to my Sisters

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Gentle reminder: Instead of competing let’s come together and unite. We are magic. ❤️


Short animation about anxiety, which is what the crocodile represents

it’s rly cute

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i can’t with this cover…

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song: living room
artist: abbey lincoln
album: people in me

'it's kind of hard to breathe when you've got no living room.'

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